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US History Ch. 22 & 23

Limiting the amount of something that each person can buy
a nuclear bomb with enormous power to harm
A country controlled by a more powerful country
A military blocking of a city to force its surrender
A person who strongly believes in a cause
an area where no military forces are allowed
An imaginary wall, or dividing line, separating the Soviet nations from the rest of Europe
Term named for Senator Joseph McCarthy's campaign
A sharp conflict between countries without actual war
a country that is a top world power
A planned movement of troops from the sea
The planned murder of an entire people
A policy of preventing a country from expanding its power & threatening other countries
The mass murder of millions of Jews by the Nazis
a list of people who are not approved for employment
The competition among countries to be first in exploring space
A prison-like place in which people are held during a war
the countries that fought the Allies in World War II
To get ready for war
the radioactive waste from a nuclear blast