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Ancient Greek Challenge

Author: Avery Blacklow
Lord of the Underworld
Made Cronus eat a rock
Zeus's messenger(god)
Odysseus's wife
Killed by his wife
Trojan prince(not the smartest one)
God of light
God of the sea
God of metal and steel
Half man, half bull
Goddess of the hunt
King of Gods
Greek hero, immortal (except for heal)
God of wine
Ageamemnon's brother
The tamer of horses
Goddess of the rainbow
Goddess of the hearth
God of war
God of love
Son of Poseidon (cyclopes)
Queen of the Underworld
Goddess of love and beauty
Ate his children
Queen of Gods
Meneleus's wife
Odysseus's son
Goddess of the harvest
King of Ithaca
Goddess of war