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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Dog & Cat Crossword

The name of the smallest dog breed group.
The name of the plane that divides the cranial and caudal parts of an animal.
The cat breed groups are short hair, long hair, and _________.
The term used to castrate a male dog
A great dane belongs to this breed group.
The term used for specific locations on an animals body. Hint: we did this in the notebooks.
The bloodhound belongs to this breed group.
What is the scientific name for a dog?
Cat breed that is known for its ears folding forward.
A corgi belongs to this breed group
This dog can belong to the toy and the non-sporting breed groups.
The number of different dog breed groups there are.
Fastest domestic cat breed.
This dog breed is used for hunting and retrieving fowl.
What is the scientific name for a cat?
The largest breed of cat with white paw and tuffed ears. Originated in Maine.
The number of cat breed groups they are.
Cat breed with large pointed ears that give it an "elfin" look.
The term used to fix a female dog
Oldest breed of cat?