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animals test #2

Teacher: Theology
Birds generate their body heat from their ________
Ectothermic, vertebrate with dry, scaly skin
Flat;live inside something else(parasite) ex: tapeworm & planarian
Strong and light weight
Hibernate during the winter
Flat, 2 legs on each segment
Birds can lay how many eggs?
Birds lay these types of eggs
Reptiles have a thick _____________ skin
Earthworm & leeches
Sting food and eat it; live in water; have tentacles; radial symmetry. Ex. jellyfish
Birds bones are___________
Live in water;get food from water through pores; no symmetry: example: sponges
Round, 4 legs on each segment
3 body parts; 6 legs; sometimes wings & antenna
Keeps eggs warm by sitting on them
Leathery egg that provides a complete environment for the developing embryo
_________ feather are soft and fluffly