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US History Ch. 24, 25 & 26

Medical insurance for low-income people & people with disabilities
A period when the economy slows down
A person who buys & uses products
A community at the edge of a city
A rule made by the President
A nonviolent protest in which people sit down & refuse to get up
President Kennedy's ideas, goals, & programs for America's future
A network of roads built & cared for by the US government
The use of machines to do jobs once done by people
A program to rebuild run-down areas of cities
To isolate, or cut off, from other countries
To open to people of all backgrounds; to bring together
Medical insurance & hospital care for older Americans
A large increase in births, especially in the United States, after World War II
To end segregation, or separation of the races
A nonviolent protest in which people refuse to buy products or use services
A nonviolent refusal to obey laws or government demands in order to cause change
A business that provides a service for others
President Johnson's ideas, goals, & programs for America's future
A large difference in taste & values between young people & their parents
A person who lives away from his or her home country
To ask a higher court to review the decision of a lower court