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US History Ch. 27, 28 & 29

A program in which the federal government shares its income from taxes with state & local government
A political & social movement that favors equal rights for women
Belief that if one country falls to communism, others nearby will fall, one after the other
The right of a President to withhold important information from other branches of the government
Whether a person is male or female
A person whose beliefs do not let him or her take an active part in war
A powerful chemical that kills all plant life where it is sprayed
Communist Vietnamese in South Vietnam
The number of years a person can expect to live
To continue normal dealings with a country, or begin again
To try to make lawmakers pass certain laws
Fighting by troops who are not members of a regular army, using surprise attacks
Putting off, or delaying, having to serve in the armed forces
President Nixon's plan for turning over the fighting of the Vietnam War to the South Vietnamese
Second-generation Japanese Americans
A political party formed to work for the rights of African Americans
A program for correcting the effects of discrimination
An easing of tension between nations
To remove from office
To make changes in or to take parts out
Lying in court while under oath
Able to speak two languages very well
A sticky gasoline jelly used in bombs