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US History Ch. 30, 31 & 32

The difference between the amount of money the government spends & what it collects
Using a product more than once
A rebel fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua
A vote cast by a chosen elector in a presidential election
A person who strongly disagrees with government policies or its rule
An investigator who looks into the actions of the President & other high officials
An early election that helps a political party choose its candidate
a jury that decides if charges against a person are strong enough to go to trial
A policy that allows open discussion about Soviet life & politics
A temporary alliance of nations for a special action
An official statement of opinion
The removal of one group of people by another group in the same region
The amount of money the federal government owes
A person who is held captive until certain demands are met
A government program in which people have to work to receive aid
the theory, or idea, that Earth's temperature is slowly rising
A period of 1,000 years
Rain that is polluted by harmful chemicals
The basic freedoms that all people should have
A vote cast by a citizen in a presidential election
A group of people with few job skills & little education
To make smaller, to reduce the size of the workforce