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LU History & 1960s Trivia

____ Phi Beta sorority
LU student singing group during 60s--Johnson, Sneed, Morris & Russell)-- the "Four _____"
Local JC grocery store
1950 LU alum from Poplar Bluff who integrated MU grad school
Basketball coach during 60s
LU alum and highly respected PoliSci prof during 60s
Head, Dept of English & Speech during 60s
LU student newspaper
LU Founder
LU Business Manager during 60s
Dean of Administration during 60s
LU History Professor for 40 years (1921-1961)
BLACK & GOLD wearing guys
Football Coach during 60s
Campus actors & performers
____ Hall, mens dormitory demolished in 1948 to make way for Page Library
First LU President
Local pizza place
Townies who lived at the bottom of the hill (2 words)
Local JC clothing store
County that LU is located in
Lifelong JC resident and LU supporter who served in the 62nd Colored Infantry during Civil War
Affectionally known by the poor & hungry LU students she fed as "Mama Nasty"
The other state institution in town
Sociology prof during 60s
Only US President to visit LU campus
Nickname of #23 Down
Street that runs thru campus
LU President during 60s
____ Moore, LU star athlete during mid 60s who played professional football for the Houston Oilers
__ (Initials) Pride, Journalism Department Head during 60s
aka "Ques"
Largest student organization on campus (initials only)
Head, Foreign Language Department during 60s
Long serving LU History Prof who taught during 60s
Prominent downtown JC hotel
Long serving LU President (1938-1956)
LU Yearbook
Mardi ____, campus event hosted by Omega Psi Phi
Phi Mu Alpha ________
LU alum who also served as President, Barber-Scotia College
CRIMSON & CREAM wearing guys
Popular campus cafe (2 words)
Lemar, _______, LU star athlete during late 60s who played professional football beginning in 1970 for the Cincinnati Bengals
Off campus milkshake place (2 words)
LU President who composed the LU alma mater
LU, "The Soldiers _____"
_____ Hall, Home of Mechanic Arts & Agriculture
Lady wearing PINK & GREEN
Hall for LU administrative work
Dean of Students during 60s
Official LU hostess during the 60s _______ Young
First name of #24 across
Campus place for serenades & step shows during 60s
Precursor to "University"
Nearby park
Head, Department of Education during 60s
Ladies wearing RED & WHITE
Downtown street
____ Goldston, Food Service Head during 60s
Delta __ Delta. National Honor Society
Same as #56 Across