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Florida History

History puzzle made for LIS6303 Preparing Instructional Media. Enjoy!

Native American tribe, the Unconquered
Powerful storm that usually hits Florida between June and November
Famous FL fruit
St. ____; Oldest city in FL
The River of Grass; Wetlands
Friend of #5, car manufacturer & snowbird
Native American tribe that lived around Tampa
Famous inventor & snowbird
FL Industry. These were herded & rustled by early Floridians
AKA the Cigar City
Julia ____; Mother of Miami
Name of largest hurricane to hit FL
Author; Famous Key's resident
According to legend, came looking for Fountain of Youth
Famous cartoonist
Pirate parade and festival
State reptile
Conservationist; Marjory _____ Douglas
____-Dade; Largest county in FL by pop.
Dry ____ Nat'l Park; South of the Keys
Famous black educator and philanthropist; Mary Mcloud-
FL state tree