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Theatre History Chapter 13

German term for short dramas or "learning pieces" written to inspire social change
writer of Lehrstucke dramas
mass spectacles of dramatic propaganda promoting nazism
movement characterized by bombarding the audience with a sensory experience with the purpose of purging humanity of aggression and violence
German movement in art and literature that eschewed reality to communicate inner feelings
Promoter of text-oriented theatre in France
leading exponent of futurism
short-lived movement that sought to mirror "the madness of the world" circa World War I by confusing and antagonizing the audience with nonsense
movement that sought to imitate real life as closely as possible; most popular form of theatre by the early twentieth century
Italian movement idolizing war and the developing machine age
movement that sought to imitate the workings of the subconscious in dramatic form with dreamlike results; emerged out of the Dada movement
movement intended to instigate social change through use of political and topical themes and events as its basis
developer of epic theatre
federal-supported project dramatizing current events, such as bread lines and rising unemployment
Feeling of being emotionally detached
founder of theatre of cruelty
author of Dada manifestos
Indian dance drama that heightens elements of Sanskrit drama
German school that believed in the concept of "total art," to bring together all forms of art in a unified fashion
Chinese theatrical tradition in which males perform female roles