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Rocks and Soil

Matter and Energy
the rock formation that is the source of mineral fragments in the soil
Any process that breaks rock down into smaller pieces without changing the chemistry of the rock; typically wind and water.
Molten rock beneath the earth's surface
responsibility for conserving and restoring the Earth's resources for future generations
The loose layer of dead plant leaves and stems on the surface of the soil
the gradual transformation of habitable land into desert
The type of weathering in which rock is physically broken into smaller pieces
soil that is rich in minerals and good for growing crops
a type of rock formed by layers of sand, silt and mud hardening over time
Second highest horizon; it is dark and rich in accumulated organic matter and humus.
The layer of soil that differs in color and texture from the layers above or below it.
The process of cutting down all the trees in an area at once
liquid magma that reaches the surface
small, solid pieces of material that come from rocks or living things
Process in which sediment is laid down in new locations.
The process that breaks down rock through chemical changes
The management of soil to prevent its destruction
A type of rock that forms from an existing rock that is changed by heat, pressure, or chemical reactions.
A loose mixture of rock fragments, organic material, water, and air that can support the growth of vegetation
the series of processes that change one type of rock into another type of rock
rock formed by the cooling of lava
The solid layer of rock beneath the soil
Rich, dark organic material formed by decay of vegetable matter, essential to soil's fertility