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Name: _____________________________ Period: _________   Date: _____________
Mystery word today meaning to reduce pressure, relax, and chill out
The long term average of weather conditions for a given place. Includes precipitation, temperature and reference to latitude
A mass of pressure which rotates clockwise
Type of instrument to obtain relative humidity and dew point
_______ point, the temperature air must be cooled to reach saturation
When something, including air, cannot hold more water, it is said to be ________
A mass of pressure given the name mid-level cyclone. Rotates counter clockwise
Name given to all forms of rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc.
Clouds which are layered. May be low, middle, or high in elevation
Wispy, feather-like clouds high in the troposphere. Usually ice crystals
Prefix given to low altitude clouds
Caused by low pressure systems passing air to high pressure systems. A result of uneven heating by the Sun
Zone of the atmosphere in which we live
Type of clouds characterized by cottton-like balls and can be low, middle or high in altitude
Type of bulb used in a sling psychrometer to give ambient temperature
Amount of solar radiation reaching the top of the atmosphere
The condition of the atmosphere at any given time and place
A type of surface front where two equally dense air masses oppose each other and stall its movement
Instrument used to measure wind speed
Prefix given to high-level clouds
A type of surface weather front where warm air advances against cold
Relative _______, the % of water vapor in air compared to the maximum % it could hold
Storm clouds often giving high winds, hail and spawning tornadoes. Have characteristic anvil top
Process by which water vapor is removed from liquid water
Zone of the atmosphere above the troposphere. Where many jetliners fly
Process by which water vapor is removed from ice
Instrument used to obtain atmospheric temperature. KPa or inches Hg
Type of bulb covered with cotton, soaked with distilled water, twirled to give temperature with evaporation
Type of weather surface front in which cold air advances against warm air
Prefix given to mid-level clouds