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History Ch.32 China

The strongest "Warring State" was called Qin, pronounced _______
By the time it was finished the Great Wall was almost three ________ miles long
As Chinese writing progressed, pictograms were replaced by __________
To keep out the Mongols, the emperor built a Great _______
The leader of the Qin was called Qin ________
The oldest book in the world is a Chinese book called the "_________ Sutra" printed over a thousand years ago.
Qin Zheng had an army of one million men and conquered all the other kingdoms until he ruled all of _________
Chinese calligraphers, used seven different kinds of lines to write their characters, the lines were called the "Seven _______".
Shi Huangdi was very _______ and the Chinese people despised him.
In "The Period of the Warring States" China was not one country, but six strong __________
Shi Huangdi wanted to keep out the ________ from the North
To make printing Chinese letters quicker, wooden blocks were carved for each _________, dipped in ink, and used over and over
In ancient China, picture words were used that looked exactly like the words they represented, these were called _________
Qin Zheng was the first emperor of China so he changed his name to Shi _________which means "First Emperor"
The country of China was ______after Qin Zheng, China comes from the word Qin.