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A friendly ghost
longest-running primetime scripted series,"The___"
One of the early Jurassic Ages
Streamer _______ twitch username used to be BingeGaming.
A British Overseas Territory in the Eastern Caribbean
A section of Jewish ceremonial law text
tough outer skin of fruit
Since her parents died, Lilo is an ________
_____s but goodies
Agree upon
The Oncler's weapon against trees.
A knight of the Round Table,son of King Urien
Germinated grain
The crush of Johnny Test's sisters
Past tense of ex
Spongebob wears a clip__ that are red.
Come to an end
Kids would play on these at recess
A word for sea cucumber
Pat gently
Abkhazian's first president Vlasislav
Homer Simpson's dad
At sea
a dark-red variety of grape from California
bloom of a plant taken collectively
Someone who dwells
Princess of the candy kingdom
The location of Tangled
"I'm-a-gonna blow ya to smithereenies!", ____ Sam
The mechanic in Atlantis
DR ______ is a country in Africa.
A company that sells women's personal products
The only son of Lady and the Tramp
"Colors of the Wind"
Enemy of Captain Lars in Steven Universe
To sand again
Lives under a rock, Patrick ____
Relating to ions
Chief lieutenant of Optimus Prime, Ultra ____
___-Fi shows are out of this world
Lubricating substances
Simba's mate
A short, projecting stump
Jafar's accomplice
Present tense of ex
"I tawt I taw a puddy tat!"
Plural of taxon
Multiple things that aren't truthful
You would see this at the end of a German film
magazine-fed, automatic carbine (abbr.)
Free from disease
Cactus-like plant that soothes
Ice Queen
Antagonist in The Sword in the Stone
The animal on the train track of the polar express
Member of Big Hero 6 nicknamed after his food
Hollow Percussion instrument containing beans
Give rise to, bring about
Smell of burning fat
Last name of one of New York's most famous fashion designers
systematic arrangement of similar objects
Chicken Little's love interest
Mac's imaginary friend
Unit of time equal to a billion years
The European abbreviation for the European Free Trade Association
The leader of the KND, Numbuh ___