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History Review Ch. 31-33

The other animals in the Jakata Tale were not rewarded because they ______their food
_______was a famous ruler of the Mauryan Empire.
The ancient kingdoms of China were constantly fighting, so this time period is called "The Period of the ________States"
In the Jakata Tale the hare offered to roast himself because he was _________ and unselfish and he had nothing else to offer the hungry traveler but himself
In the story we read from the Jakata Tales, the hare was rewarded for his ___________
Some of the best known writings from the Mahayana Tripitaka are called the "________Tales"
According to legend, the Jakata Tales were told by _________to show people how to live.
Qin Zheng, changed his name to Shi Huangdi, which means "First _______"
The other animals in the Jakata Tale were not as generous as the hare because they only offered food which they had already __________
In ancient China the ruler of each kingdom was called a ________
Asoka became famous for his just and _______ rule
Asoka followed the religious __________ of Buddha
Asoka did not want to fight with an army because he saw the suffering that his________had caused.
The hare lived with an otter, a jackal and a ________
Buddha was considered a great ________by both the ancient people of India and China