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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Chapter 1 History and Career Opportunities

Which Egyptian queen had a personal cosmetics factory that was erected next to the dead sea?
What color did Poor women in ancient Rome color their hair?
Pioneer in modern African-American hair care and cosmetics industry.
African tribes colored their hair with what?
What industry was used to borrow formulas for the development of nail polish.
During the Middle Ages, what part of the face did women not wear colored makeup?
Inventor, in 1872,of the first curling iron.
New York chemist who introduced permanent hair color and founded Clairol.
Invented a heavily wired machine that supplied electrical current to metal rods around which hair strands were wrapped.
A mixture of ground galena, sulfur, and animal fat.
Barber pole-symbol of the barber-surgeon-has its roots in what medical procedure?
Stylist who shook the beauty world in 1960's with his geometric cuts.
Greek word for cosmetology.
Method that was most appropriate for use on long hair during the waving process.
The first to cultivate beauty with extravagant fashions and use of cosmetics as part of their beautification habits.
Colored their hair red to indicate class in society.
During Victorian Age, women pinched their cheeks and bit their lips to induce what?
Made makeup that was popular with movie stars because it did not cake or crack under studio lights.
Modern version of the cold wave.
Fame marketed the first nail polish.
In ancient Rome, women colored their hair to indicate what?
The unusual practice of shaving the eyebrows was done to give women a look of greater what?
Chou Dynasty royal colors.
Punishment used by Chou Dynasty, if commoners were caught wearing a royal nail color?
Process of steam distillation was refined by who?
Period in history during which the Western Civilization made the transition from medieval to modern history.
Art and science of beautifying and improving the skin,nails, and hair.
First to infuse essential oils from leaves and blossoms.
Facials made of milk and bread, fine wine, corn with flour and milk, or flour and and fresh butter were popular with the?
Austere and restrictive period in British history, from 1837 and 1901.
Middle class women colored their hair what color to indicate class in society.
Name coined by beauty legend Noel DeCaprio.