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April 8: Rocks and Stuff

"A long time ___"
Toilet paper initials
Car wheel
Riding steed
The ___, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
"Me ____!"
The Princess and the ___
"Yes, ____"
Sheep sound
"Oh, grow ___"
Black volcanic glass
Drunk driving letters
Very unhappy state
Female sheep
Obliged to pay someone
"I gotta __ me!"
Abdominal organ
Hard igneous rock
Pebbly or sandy shore
"___ you sleeping?"
Striped animal with hooves
"I live __ 123 Dewdney St"
Short for ukulele
Location of Ayers Rock
Sticker on an envelope
"__ me some water!"
Opp. of stop
Warm water
"Listen __ me!"
Opp. of outside
Traveling homeless people
Method of cooking
Liquid rock
Lift up
Initials for "see you"
Short for Abraham
Young dogs
Not old
You and I together
Mineral made of silicon
Solid rock under the soil
"To ___ his own"
To rip paper
Wed someone
Misbehaved child
Component of roads and cigarettes
Nation to the south
Baseball official
Sight organ
"Who __ the boss?"