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Spelling Bee Words Week 3

A spontaneous or natural enjoyment of something
A contagious bacterial infection
The study of the human mind and all of its functions
To make someone feel ill
Mr. Blackmore
A thing's level of importance
To concede for any number of reasons
A lavish party
A large floating vessel
Swiss Chalet's not-so secret weapon
To experience something beyond normal limits
A servant in a royal household
One's physical nature
To be in an unhappy state of mind
A liquid that dries to create a hard protective layer
An event who's explanation is in question
To pay for a regularly occurring service
The act of boosting one's immunity
An act of being unkind
Something that is considered more intellectual rather than emotional
Your parents
A member of the monocot order of the asparagaceae family
A single-celled organism
The time in which something is most powerful
The floor's archenemy