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Sarah's 100th Birthday Puzzle

What was the name of the ship that Sarah travelled on when she left Ireland for Canada?
How many Popes have there been since Sarah's birth?
How many Canadian Prime Ministers have there been since Sarah came to Canada?
Which of Sarah’s siblings was the first to be born in a hospital?
What is the connection between Sarah's name and Italy?
Two of Sarah's sisters joined the Sisters of St. Joseph. What were the names they took when they first became nuns?
What was the name of the first school that Sarah attended after coming to Canada?
Which one of Sarah's siblings celebrated their birthday on the ship?
What was the name of the farm where Sarah spent her early childhood in Ireland?
Connie Kirwin's Mom helped Granny Martin with a very special task - what was it?
What year was St. Patrick canonized as a Saint?
What is unique about the house that Sarah lives in?
Sarah's fifth brother only lived a few hours. He was named after the Patron Saint of?
How did Sarah celebrate Canada's Centennial?