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US History Chapter 24 Review

Author: Mr. Marx
The former presidential candidate who became a leading spokesman against the theory of evolution during the 1920s was
Henry Ford's great contribution to modern industrial culture was his commitment to standardization and the
Care for employees by mgt
The 1920s were swept by waves of mergers that saw 8,000 firms being gobbled up by large companies. This is called
One of the most important economic transformations in the years after World War I wasthe shift in production from heavy industry to consumer goods and
Cause of the roaring 1920s
The outpouring of literature and art by the "New Negro" of the 1920s became known as the
The weakest area of the American economy through the 1920s was
Aviator Charles "Lucky Lindy" Lindbergh thrilled the world with his solo, non-stop flight from Long Island, NY to
The most celebrated public event of the fundamentalist-modernist conflict was ________, which resulted in a $100 fine
5 dollar a day
What event signaled the start of the Great Depression, the greatest depression in the history of the modern world?
These flourished all over the Detroit area during prohibition
What new style of music that fused soulfulness and syncopated rhythms was born in the roaring 20s?
What piece of federal legislation in the 1920s was a significant shift from a historic American practice?
Stresses efficiency
Restore black pride
. The Five-Power Agreement of 1921 involved steps towards
The _______ was a multilateral agreement that outlawed war.
What two industries began suffering in 1928 as demand sagged, which should have called attention to defects in the American economy prior to the Great Depression? construction and
They became a symbol of liberation to some, of decadence to others. They are called