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World History Chapter 5 Vocab.

Name ____________________________________
Traditional stories about gods and goddesses, and heroes.
Persians were defeated by the Athenians.
Heavy infantry who carried long spears and who fought in closely spaced rows.
Someone who took power illegally but had the people's support.
An alliance of city-states who contributed money and ships.
The art of public speaking and debating.
Citizens elect representatives to govern for them.
Elected for one-year terms to make sure the kings stayed within the law.
A good or service bought from another country or region.
Conflicts between Greece and Persia.
Improved Athens's economy but clashed with the nobles.
Deals with what is good and bad, and moral duty.
All citizens participated directly in making decisions.
Created Athens's first written law code.
Non-citizens of Athens because they were born outside of Athens.
300 Spartans fought to the death.
A good or service sold to another country or region.
Government in which citizens take part.
Male slave who taught a boy manners.
Told the Athenians to leave the city and escape.
Held every four years in honor of Zeus.
Places where the gods spoke through priests and priestesses.
War between Athens and Sparta.
They were from the Greek mainland and conquered central Crete.
Their civilization was named after a legendary king of Crete.
Wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Greek city-states that were controlled by nobles.
The hill on which a city-state built their fort.
Marketplace and main public meeting place.
Opened schools for older boys that taught them government, mathematics, ethics, and rhetoric.
An archon who erased the debts of the poor and outlawed slavery for debt.