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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Horror Films

Spanish for "Houses"
2019 Remake: ___ Sematary
Band Known for "Take On Me"
Another name for marshes
To Release moisture/smell (ex. sweat)
Diabetics Check This, Acronym
Term to Describe the Toughest Membrane of the Brain
Yellow, Sour Fruit
Antioxidant Beverage Company
There is a hole in THIS atmospheric layer
2019 Film: "The Curse of La _________"
2019 Netflix Exclusive: "Velvet __________"
A Long Period of Time
A Type of Torch
Ginger _____
To Find THIS of a Square, you Multiply the Length by the Height
Synonym for oldest
Winged Animal
Cavities that Connect the Small Intestines to the Large Intestines
Opposite of Adulthood
1976 Gregory Peck film: "The _____"
"The police were waiting for us. It was a __________"
Cherry, Apple, Cedar, Oak
Abbreviation for Vocabulary
"Do not cut the red _____"
Another name for male children
Synonym for estrogen
Lions, Tigers, Jaguars
Abbreviation for Suite
To be rude to someone
Acronym for Emergency Medical Services
First name of Horror author that inspired the films "The Shining" and "It"
2016 Film: "Don't _________"
"_________ Man" Randy Savage
Greek Phrase Typically Accompanied with a Broken Plate
Pseudonym synonym
To open a water bottle
A Type of Seed that is Normally Eaten During Breakfast
"_______ & Juliet"
To Frighten Someone
"____ the Season to be Jolly"
To Tie a Hook
Prisons are Made up of These
An Ice Skating Move
A Type of Wrestling Found in Japan
To Love Deeply
Mrs. in Spanish
Swedish Band Known for "Dancing Queen"
Acronym for Health Savings Account
A Claim that Someone was not Involved in a Criminal Act
Another Name for Police
The Greek God of Love
Another way to say Grandmother
To turn violently
Adverb to Describe Someone in a Drowsy Manner
Undercover Police Officers
Abbreviation for Ukulele
Synonym for Strategy
2014 Film: "As ________, So Below"
Vehicles Typically Rented for Proms
To be Upright
Interjection Accompanied with Gross
Round Spots
The Currency of Most European Countries
Device Used to Open Collapsed Arteries
________ or Those
Abbreviation, Do Not Resuscitate
The Energy Released from a Person
Apostle Originally Named Simon
The Chess Piece that can Only Move to Diagonal Squares
Scottish Way of Saying No
A Greasy Food Often Does This
Refers to a Person's Nose
A Place Where Women get Their Hair Done
A Look of Pride
Nickname for a Person Named Montana
Acronym, Emergency Core Cooling System
80s and 90s Phrase that Meant Cool
Winged Mammals
"We Are Running Out of _____"
A Demon who Originated in a 19th Century French Spell Book
Acronym, English for Speakers of Other Languages
Surname of Lawmaker Wishing to Lose Net Neutrality