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Wear's American History Review

_____ and Feathering
Indian girl who helped
Whites who wanted land
Female who fought slavery
They supported the King
These collectors were threatened by Patriots
Indians were always losing this
The Sons of _______
Birthplace of the Constitution
Patriot slogan "Join, or _____
The ______ Passage
A land _______ from Asia
Key river flowing west
Ideas spread to change minds
Triangular ______
The Mother Country
Leader of Jamestown
First successful English settlement
Nation's 3rd president
_____ of Discovery
Helped Americans beat the British
A policy to block trade
An agreement between nations
Alcoholic beverage
Favorite colonial drink
City full of Patriots
Cash crops were grown there
The president leads this branch
This Act helped house British troops
A tax on imports
Vital river to control
The ________ Time
They wanted to fight the British
Kidnapping of American sailors
To change the Constitution
Puritans sought religious _________
State Mr. Wear was born in
Portable Indian shelter
Imported to make rum
Collected for its value
Last battle of the Revolutionary War
A crop you cannot eat
Number killed at Boston Massacre
A small measurement of land
Number of amendments in the Bill of Rights