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Capital of Persia for Darius
Used a simple alphabet, ousting cuneiform
Conquered most territory of weakened Mongols
Revitalized the Safavid Empire
Ottoman-Safavid conflict due to hostility with Sunnis and Shiites
Conquered all of Persia for the Macedonians
Begun Islamic rule in Persia
Allowed for coins in lieu of the barter system
Ruled Persia after it was conquered by Tamerlane
Freed by Persians despite monotheism
Battles fought because of conflict between Greeks and Persians
Allowed for peak of Persia with expansion, fast transportation, and satraps
Ground canals for irrigation
Macedonian generals who ruled Persia after Alexander the Great
People with great knowledge of Islam
Founder of Achaemenids
Foreign nomads from Central Asia who's rule was disliked by native Persians
Helped transportation and communication
Mongol period of rule after ending the Abbasids
Official Safavid religion
Ruled a more cosmopolitan Persia with Islam and trade
Successors of Muhammad for the Umayyad and Abbasid
Started Safavid Dynasty of Persia
Governor who collected taxes for the king and governed the project
Safavid capital under Shah Abbas
Toppled Parthians and restored Persia to Achaemenid ways
Aloof Persian ruler who caused the decline of Achaemenids
Islamic judges with Sharia law