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Wild party
Addiction recovery
Type of medical imaging to map brain activity
Bob Ross' hairstyle
Australian name for a crustacean
Electrical appliance company located in Veles, Macedonia
Highest award in the NHL
Greek work denoting the space of a city or town
Acronym for the society of medicolegal death investigators
Power outage
Measurement of electrical current
Contraction for it would
Acronym for "single room occupancy"
One of the ingredients to make a slime toy
When the hockey player was checked from behind while skating towards his offensive third, he was ____.
Type of bond between atoms where electrons are shared
If a person is unidentifiable, their name is jane or john ____.
Harsh, stern
The man who fought the second world war years after it ended because nobody ever notified him otherwise while stationed on an island
When you get a stain, don't rub, but ____.
Emergency phrase
Knife with a blade shaped like a claw
38 year old player on the san jose sharks
Acronym for cation exchange capacity
We ____ the champions.
First letter of the semitic abjads
Study of tides
A common font in microsoft word
In gnosticism, one of the class powers or beings conceived as emanating from the Supreme Being.
Trophy awarded to the team with the most points in the regular season in the NHL
Some crochet, others ____.
The surname of kevin, a character on The Shield.
Acronym for "single choice early action"
Acronym for a software known in the aerospace industry that is also known as Mission System Integration and Test.
Town in the Belgian province of West Flanders that is surrounded by battlefields used in WW1.
Trophy awarded to the NHL player that is most valuable to his team.
There are two types of this common fish.
Acronym for "air force technical order"
Bicycle component manufacturer based in Chicago Illinois that was founded in 1987.
The stadium where the Anaheim Ducks play.
A type of bread. Some say that this grain is good for digestion.
Acronym for the term that means a measure of annual return on investment that takes the compounding of interest into account.
Acronym for honey butter chicken biscuit
Showing abnormal inability to make decisions
An indirect route
People who are sensitive can't take the _____.
A human phenotype for having a sitting height of 51 to 53 percent of overall height.
A feudal tenure of lands by one who has no priveleges of nobility, but is permitted to discharge all his obligations to his feudal lord or superior by a payment of rent in money or kind and without rendering any personal services.
A growth or a clump of ivy.
A game where one bend backwards underneath a bar.
An acronym for a disease that makes your eyes chronically dry.
A region in Cuba also called Las Reglas de Congo
A copy machine ____ the paper first then prints a copy of it.
A type of file format for a picture.
Acronym for VHF omnidirectional range.
An ingredient used to manufacture anethole. It also has a licorice flavor.
The name of a conservatory in Eden Park, operated by Cincinnati Parks.
A type of salad usually with bacon, chicken, hard-boiled eggs, avacado, and tomatoes.
The main part of the story
Statistics collected for reference or analysis.
Being absent from your post with intent to desert.
Slang for the world "old"
Tender loving care
A synagogue
Action to develop gluten shape dough during breadmaking.
Any of the various stories of the former lives of the Buddha found in Buddhist literature.
The special lister of a pearl of the finest quality
A belief or doctrine
To tape the end of a hockey stick to increase the friction between the stick and the glove.
food newly or recently obtained.
Moving to a location on the surface of
365 days
The South American civilization in the central Andes.
Latin for black, dark, gloomy, dismal, or malicious.
A test taken by students applying to law school.
Abbreviation for suite in the us postal service.
Contraction for it is.