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U.S. History Vocab. List #9 Test

a complete and total failure in an embarrassing and crazy way.
the act in which men were captured and forced into military service.
brothers, but not in the literal sense.
to avoid one’s responsibilities and duties.
an 1807 ruling by Congress that banned trade with all foreign countries.
an 1803 transaction when the French sold all the Louisiana Territory to the U.S. for $15 million, doubling the size of the U.S.
a period, or time, before a war.
a Native American Shawnee chief who warned other Native Americans about letting colonizers take their land and had a dream of a great, united Native American confederation.
a Federalist who believed in a strong federal government, loose construction of the Constitution, and ran for president in the election of 1800.
a Republican and former president who was Commander-In-Chief during the War of 1812.