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Plant Puns & Cultural Links

Jewel, as in a ring
Accumulate, gather
The point of a church; This fell on Notre Dame
Found in a mine, such as iron
A type of Indian currency
Relating to hearing; Another word for one of the senses
Top-ranked player in a tournament; Brackets
A garden decoration with a beard
Supernatural; Witchy
Confucian path; Yin-Yang
A network that covers the N.Y.S.E.
Monetary reward from a boss
A holdup victim's plea
Kids' guessing or looking game
Cereal that's "for kids"; Fruity
Smoker's mouthpiece
Shooting using a scope; called a '_____'
A famous baseball player; Ripken
Island in the Caribbean
Playa ___ Carmen, Mexico
A trap, usually for animals
Decorative foil, very fragile
Cheap laughs; The noise Goofy makes
____ McDonough, of Desperate Housewives
Beer drinker's bar request
Naturally, but informal
An area in a house; Bath____, bed____
A battle
Pay no heed
Kofi of the U.N., Ghanian diplomat
Carried the pilgrims to new land
A long, drawn-out attack
Dig into, as in dinner
Recipient of a check
Furrier John Jacob _____
Area between North and South Korea; Acronym
Try to attain; How you encourage someone
"Fear of Fifty" writer Jong
Parisian thanks
Lacking guile; Straightforward and innocent
Be compelled to
Cousin of a human; Evolution
Look after
Car body style
Hit the time clock; Something you do at work
Classic Stallone role
Send to the capitol; Vote for
"Wake up little _____"
Hall-of-Famer Mel
Easter egg decorator
Sophomores, two years later (abv.)
Mom-and-teacher-group for schools
Dell products; Another word for computer
Singer Janis; Also a Mean Girls character
Monopoly game equipment; Fake currency
Face on a "wanted" poster; The type of 'shot' they take of criminals
Vegetable on a vine, round and green
North pole helper
School funder, often in the form of a ___
Redd's Apple ___
Search (through)
Squeeze (out)
Tassel on a cap, e.g. a __
Grassy plain of South America
Logging tool
Ancient region with an architectural style named after it
"La ___" ('59 hit)
European/Asian range
Dragged behind
Cat's saucerful
Unit of frequency
In that case...
Born; Originally called
China's Sun ___-sen