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Famous Mothers Throughout History

The epitome of a good mother, she was born in the Ottoman Empire and her original surname was Bojaxhiu
Advocating for healthy living isn’t all this barrier-breaking former lawyer and FLOTUS has done in her career; she’s now an international bestseller
Before her daughter achieved the same honor, this scientist was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for her work in science
Author ____ Tan wrote “The Joy Luck Club” in 1989, which explored themes of mother-daughter dynamics
Elizabeth ____ Stanton fought for women’s suffrage in the U.S. all while raising seven children
She worked closely for the Ebenezer Baptist Church; and, like her son, she was assassinated in 1974
A former scientologist, she, left the Church of Scientology in 2013 when her daughter neared the age that auditing became required (first name only)
Mom of Jaden and Willow; married to a The Genie
Princess of Wales that played a crucial role in our current obsession with British royalty
This ‘50s actress forced screenwriters to add her real life pregnancy to the her hit sitcom
Motherhood can get ugly, and this stand up comedian isn’t afraid to talk about it — see Netflix
If Beyonce is Destiny’s Child, then Destiny is really named ____ Knowles-Lawson
After her husband was poisoned by a rival tribe, this 12th century single mom raised the leader of the future Mongol Empire
One of the best tennis players ever, and a new mom (first name only)
This famous Italian served as the queen and mother to three French kings in the 16th century (last name, two words)
Afghan revolutionary and advocate for women’s rights who opened Watan Schools to help refugee children and their mothers (first name only)
Mother to Alexander the Great
Although she only had one biological son, she embraced her role as a mother figure within the civil rights movement with her third book entitled “Letters to My Daughter” (first name only)
Ruled a kingdom; mother of four children by Julius Caesar and Mark Antony
“Supremely” talented and the subject of some recent films, this judge makes Judy look docile (first name only)
This former tomb raider has six children, three of which she adopted
Wife of the second U.S. president and mother of the sixth U.S. president
The BBC gave her the title of “Woman of the Millennium” in 1999 after she served as India’s only female Prime Minister for 12 years and was assassinated in 1984
Her 40 year reign as the Holy Roman Empress didn’t slow her roll in giving birth 16 times (first name only)
____ Truth, along with her infant daughter, escaped slavery in New York and, upon learning that her son had been illegally sold after emancipation, she sued her former owner to free her son and won
This former concubine became the first Empress in China