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Music History Review

The Elf King was a piece written by this Romantic composer
Piano prodigy from the Classical period
Large musical work from the Baroque period that includes soloists, chorus, and orchestra
In the 20th century, techniques were developed for ___________ and electronic music.
Tchaikovsky is known for writing this very famous ballet in the Romantic period.
Period of music that is known for ornamentation
German art songs for piano and voice from the Romantic period
Wrote the Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Large musical work with four movements. This form was developed in the Classical period.
Composer of the famous 20th century piece, Rhapsody in Blue
20th century American genre of music that has roots in ragtime and blues
Known as the composer that bridged the gap between the Classical and Romantic periods.
The period of music when a lot of the "rules" for writing music were developed. Music is balanced and structured.
20th century musical genre that was developed to tell a story with costumes, staging, acting, singing, and dancing.
Mozart wrote The Magic Flute, which is an example of this form of music that is staged with costumes.
Period of music when composers started using longer dynamic phrases to create emotion.
Composer of the music "West Side Story"
Father of the Symphony
Handel's most famous oratorio from the Baroque period (Includes the Hallelujah Chorus)
Beethoven's 9th symphony introduced a choir and is also known as "Ode to _____"