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Outer Space

programming language, associated with HTML
Sound made by clocks
Trade fair for wood and furniture machines
Having another name
The magician relished at the audience's "____" and "ahs"
A person with whom one shares a bond
Home of our solar system
Domains of power or interest
Coloured ribbons attached to bulls in bullfighting
An alternate spelling of Shawn
A French school of engineering; Also an Italian tourism agency
Explosion of a star
1977 comedy film directed by Simon Sibela
Over the counter heartburn remedy
An Arab ruler
Owner of Kwik E Mart in the Simpsons
Opposite of 'pleur' (French)
Bacteria that does not cause tuberculosis
Spanning an astronomical
Commonly known by Shakespeare's "Much ___ About Nothing"
Speaker of the Slavic languages
Second day of the week
An intense affection
Pressing the accelerator of a vehicle, which often creates a loud noise
Heaviest object in the universe
To have a meal
Reckless driver
To liberate from confinement
Place of learning
Space rocks caught in orbit
Disrespectful, in an witty or amusing manner
Comprehension of text
Suffix, applied to things that are very small
A cute horse
2007 winner of Miss India International
Brightest colour of the visible spectrum
A contemporary author of historical novels, including "Against the Tide"
An alpine winter sport
A plant which has transient psychoactive properties when consumed
Childrens' playthings
US state bordered by the Mississippi River
Dance move where one foot displaces another
Writer of "The Legendary Tamer" (initials)
Bleak and lifeless
A female name
A snakelike fish
Colourful chocolate candies
Found everywhere; a hallmark of capitalism
Costing nothing
A chocolate bar designed to be shared by two people
To rot or go bad
To resolve something twisted or puzzling ie: to ___ a braid; a mystery
Prefix, applied to mean all encompassing
An essential nutrient found in citrus
Connects the shoulder to the hand
Large primates, sharing a common ancestor with humans
Web address
A rodent pest, often associated with sewers
South American country containing the Galapagos islands (abbreviation)
One that is greatly looked up to
A sudden increase in a star's brightness
A Fire Emblem antagonist
Gentle or sympathetic
Worn by clergy of the Christian church
Reverberation of sounds
Recurrent parts of most songs, found in between iterations of the chorus
A historical slur for Christians used in the Ottoman Empire
To keep crops in a silo for preservation
Having a pattern of parallel grooves or ridges, ie: a coin
Eccentric, often with an amusing or absurd connotation
Dedicated to God
Abandoned settlement in Greenland
Daughter of king Thestius in Greek mythology
Abbreviation of the answer to 60 across
First name of Harry Potter's first love interest
He is to him as she is to ___
Of being