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History III

Class of agricultural workers
Communist leader in Cuba until recently
Relating to law
To keep in existence
South Africa first black head of state, '94-'99
System where people own, control, produce their consumables
In cards, one
Person(s) fleeing war
Hitler's conservative party described as
Utopian, classless society
Political regime, ethnicity & nation above everything, dictatorial leader
Having the same value
State of intense fear
Frozen water
Compassion, sympathy
Stages of history evolving to utopia
Both a cultural & economic system
Social organization where industry is dominant
Drastic, wide-reaching food shortage
Lead Indian Independence movement against British colonial rule
Products of human work & thought
An ideally perfect place
Total rule by a dictator, possessing absolute power above any law
State or unit wherein ultimate authority is with the people
Great US civil rights icon, initials
Factory workers, "wage slave"
Anglican cleric, Fought Apartheid S. Africa
Involves a combo of social & economic factors
Expressing negation or absence
Blessed state unmarked by desire or suffering
Production, development, management of material wealth
Characterized by originality, imagination
Rule of the majority of the people
Favoring blind submission
Free from restriction or control
College entrance test
Collective government ownership
Intense feeling of longing
unit of measurement equal to half an em and approximately the average width of typeset characters, used especially for estimating the total amount of space a text will require
Short for regards to
Fights for girls' education rights, Pakistani
Opposite of out