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MIU 7. Evolutionary History

a group of the same type of organism living in the same area
sharing a common ancestor population
a part of an organism (for example, one or more bones)
evidence of life from the past, such as fossilized bones, footprints, or leaf prints
a random change in the genetic code produced by a mistake in the copying process
a more recent species that evolved from an ancestor population
the process by which the distribution of traits in a population changes over many generation
when something stays mostly the same over time
the process by which species adapt to environmental changes over a very long time
an organism's arm, leg, or wing
a scientist who studies fossils in order to understand the ancient history of life on Earth
a related organism from a previous generation
the very long time that spans the history of Earth, for the very first cellular life to the present
a body structure in two or more species that features the same parts (for example, the same bones)
a graph that uses bars to show how characteristics or values are distributed within a group
having died out completely and no longer alive anywhere on Earth
the process by which one population evolves into two or more different species
A group of organisms that are physically similar and can mate with each other and reproduce.
a specific characteristic of an individual organism