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Behind the History of African Americans

Emily Henderson 
Robert ______ was the founder of The Chicago Defender
____ Annan was the UN Secretary-General from Ghana
Ida B _____ was a journalist and civil rights activist
_________ Johnson was a physicist and mathematician who helped launch the first use of digital electronic computers at NASA
Richard _____ was a preacher, abolitionist, former slave, and educator
______ Robinson was a civil rights activist and professional baseball player
______ T Washington was an American educator, author, orator, and adviser to presidents of the United States
_________ Louverture was the leader of the Haitian slave revolt
Alvin _____ was the founder of a now famous dance theater
Jesse _____ won four Olympic golds in Berlin 1936
____ McLeod Bethune was a civil rights activist and an educator
____ Baker was a civil rights activist