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History Test Review Chapters 7-13

Name: __________________________________ 
A system of abbreviations and symbols used to make writing faster.
This man disagreed with his fellow Puritans and said they needed to leave the Church of England. He escaped from Massachusetts and stared a town called Providence.
Before the Pilgrims got off the Mayflower ship, they signed a contract called the ______________.
The name of the first Puritan colony.
The pilgrims did not want to be part of the Church of England. They were also called _____________________ because they wanted to separate from the Church of England.
Most Puritan towns were ruled, not by the people, but by the Puritan ___________.
A pilgrim is a person who goes on a ___________ journey or pilgrimage.
This man was leader of the Puritans. He wanted the Puritans to be an example to the world of how Christians could live together in a community and be unselfish people.
This was a famous Puritan woman who thought that the Puritans were not strict enough. The Puritan leaders did not like her because she disagreed with them.
Because the pilgrims were thankful for finding religious freedom and for a plentiful harvest, they had a three-day celebration which we now call _________________.
The Puritans tried to stay in England, but they were _______________ , or treated unfairly, for practicing their religion.
A speech given on a religious topic given by a religious leader.