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Women's History Review

Writer of Mules and Men
Sang "Strange Fruit"
Difference between women and men voters, gender____
Sanger goal
Founder of Ms. Magazine
NAWSA leader
Tennis star, Billie Jean ____
Supreme Court case, _____v. Happersett
Woman ran for president in 1872
Lesbians were called ______menace
Civil Rights Act important for discrimination cases is Title ___
Fought voter suppression in Mississippi
Jane Addams "house"
Equal Pay Act 2009 named for her
Chisholm who "fought"
Author of Feminine Mystique
Athlete Didrikson
Accused Thomas of sexual harassment
Federal policy that enforced equality in college sports
Roe v. ____
Schlafley led group
Founder of the American Red Cross
Elizabeth Cady _____
Head of WCTU
Flappers used this
Anti-lynching activist
Wrote Social Security Act
Suffragist Alice
Civil Rights attorney Pauli
Supreme court justice who is "notorious"