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Unit 7 History, Grade 5

This Jane helped immigrants have a better life.
this statue welcomes" the world's poor, its homeless, and its huddled masses."
Crowded, often run-down neighborhoods
Many exodusters moved from the South to this state
This point in Utah was where the two transcontinental railways met.
Another name for apartments
Nat Love was this old when he went on his first cattle drive.
a large company where people invest money and share owenership
Teddy Roosevelt led the Rough Riders against Spanish forces in this country
Land set aside for Native Americans to live
Guam, Puerto Rico and this country are territories of the United States
Queen Liliuokalani reigned here before it was overthrown and became our 50th state
These people went on cattle drives.
Formed Standard Oil Company
This man is credited with the invention of the light bulb.
Homesteaders or __, made their homes from the sod of the prairie.
Lack of money or property
a relaxing time of year for teachers and students
Became a state the same day Mrs. Andresen was born
Purchased Alaska for about 2 cents an acre from Russia
Thomas Edison said this is "1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration."
Inventor of the chilled-steel plow. (also the name of a brand of tractor)
Owned many steel plants
Famous chief of Lakota
9 or 10 Central Pacific workers were immigrants from this country.
This African American scientist made a longer lasting light bulb that used a filament.
A business that completely controls an industry like Carnegie Steel
This man is credited with inventing the telephone.
Subways and streetcars allowed people to ___ or travel longer distances to their jobs
Labor Unions pushed for a work day that lasted this many hours