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Influential People in Texas History

Governor who was against Texas secession
Tejano who left the Alamo & fought at San Jacinto
"Father of Education in Texas"
"Father of Texas"
Author of the Texas Declaration of Independence
His election started states to secede
French explorer who built Fort St. Louis causing Spain to increase interest in Texas again
Leader & Dictator of Mexico during Texas Revolution
Commander & General of CSA Army
Last President of Texas
Wrote "Victory or Death" letter
1st governor of Texas
Inspected Texas after Fredonian Rebellion & discovered heavy Anglo influence
Conquistador who mapped the Texas coastline for the first time
Union general who won the Civil War
President of the CSA
U.S. President whose belief in Manifest Destiny caused the Mexican War
Oldest law enforcement in the U.S.; created under SFA to handle natives
SFA's first families to be brought to Texas
Priest who is credited with starting the Mexican Revolution
Shipwrecked Spanish explorer who wrote about Cibola in his journal
Texan who became U.S. President after the assassination of Kennedy
Conquistador who discovered the Grand & Palo Duro Canyons looking for Cibola