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American History Final Review

Name:  ____________________________
Last Confederate-held city along the Mississippi
Great Britain and the US both claimed what territory in North America?
"All of Texas, All of Oregon" was his campaign slogan
The Mexican _____ was land gained from Mexico after the Mexican War.
First commander of the Army of Northern Virginia
Old Rough and Ready
Amendment that granted freed blacks citizenship
Assassinated Lincoln
Union generals believed winning required what kind of war?
"Old Fuss and Feathers"
First state to leave the Union
"Uncle Tom's ____" was a novel written in 1852
Emancipation is the _____ of the slaves.
What is a statement of what a political party stands for?
The Battle of San Jacinto resulted in the capture of who?
A group pardon
Johnson was impeached for violation of the _____ of office act.
What state was the North unable to keep in the Union
Southerners tended to oppose what protective taxes?
Abolition is the elimination of _____.
Amendment that abolished slavery
Final destination of the Underground Railroad
What action was favored by the fire-eaters?
Trappers and traders were the first what in a new territory?
Republican candidate in 1860
Leader of the Bear Flag Revolution
Lincoln's running mate in 1864
_____ won the presidential election of 1868.
What was the first major battle of the Civil War?
Gold was found on whose property?
Lee surrendered at Appomattox ______.
"Remember the _____" was the battle cry in the War for Texas Independence.
Lee was defeated at the Battle of _____ in 1863.
Lincoln's opponent in 1864
Number of Southern States won by Abraham Lincoln
Famous Civil War photographer.
Northern factory workers were called _____ slaves by Southerners
Boundary of Texas and Mexico
Gadsden Purchase was made for what type of transportation?
This Confederate general led the last charge at the Battle of Gettysburg
Thomas Jackson's famous nickname
What revolution brought California into American hands?
Manifest what was the growth of the US from sea to sea
This state was an independent country before being annexed
General put into the Mexican War to take the focus off of Zachary Taylor
Preferred system of labor for the slaves