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Week 3 Spelling Bee words

When at supper, you get a bag of cookies and they are crushed. What's another word we can use to describe the cookies instead of "crushed"?
A declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen.
When Mr. JP wants to say something to the class and asks for the attention of everyone, he's about to make what?
Used to express uncertainty or possibility.
(Especially of something that is considerably longer or higher than it is wide) of small width.
Extremely good; outstanding.
When a friend asks you to go to their house, they are offering you what?
When its cold, our bodies begin to shake. What's another word we can use instead of "shake"?
The process or period of gathering in crops.
When Mr. Antwoin and Mr. JP say its time to clean up and line up, we expect the class to follow the instructions quickly. What's another word we can use instead of "quickly"?