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Music History Final Exam Review

An art form consisting of a dramatic stage performance set to music.
This era is between the Baroque and Romantic periods.
Considered most successful entertainer of all time
Famous composer of the Romantic era
A wind instrument added to the orchestra during the classical music era
These types of music grew in popularity in modern music
Famous Classical Music composer
Developed in the 1950s; Elvis Presley
Instrument used a great deal in Baroque music
Composers simply wrote their music to express their __________
A trend of music from the 1970s
Modern musicians used this type of native music for inspiration
This type of music got its start in the early 1900s and continues to grow and change as business and economics change
This era came after the Classical period
2 important types of American Pop music in the rural south
A form of classical music
One of the greatest geniuses in the history of music
A prominent theme of Romantic music. "Proud of one's country"
A large musical composition for orchestra, vocal soloists,and chorus.
This caused a dramatic change in music in the 1980s.
Pieces for orchestra and solo instrument
This era occurred after the Renaissance and before the Classical music era.
Famous Baroque composer
This music period began around 1910 and continues today
A new type of music in the 1980s
An instrument introduced during classical music era