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Sports History

This nation holds the record for most consecutive World Cup appearances
Shortest ever professional basketball player in the NBA, standing at only 5'3"
The 1972 Champions of the Stanley Cup are misspelled on the trophy
These two brothers hold the record for the longest recorded rally in tennis history at over 50,000 strokes
Currently has the record for most attempted passes in a career
Won 4 World Series in 15 years with the New York Yankees
Missed over 5,000 free throws in his long NBA career
Currently holds the record for most passing touchdowns thrown in a career
Fastest runner in history that holds the record for fastest 100 and 200 meter race
Team with most Super Bowls won in the history of the NFL
The only team in the NFL to never play in or host a Super Bowl
Position in American football with the longest average career in the NFL
Two NFL teams combined to create this team during the 1943 season
Completed an MLB game after being struck by lightning
This player scored the most goals in a calendar year ever in soccer
Currently holds the record for most home runs in a career
Holds the record for most times being hit by a pitch during his career
A perfect bracket for this tournament has never been documented
Winners in the first Olympic games were awarded with a ____ medal.
Most unexpected people to receive Super Bowl rings