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World History II Review

European economic policy that supported a countries acquisition of territory and resources especially precious metals.
Disastrous attempt by Mao Zedong to collectivize the farms.
The U.S. policy to provide support to war torn Europe following WWII.
In medieval Europe a person who has pledged service to a lord in exchange for land.
A series of wars between China and England over the importation of opium.
Jean Calvin's belief that God has already chosen man's fate.
The transfer of goods between the Old and New Worlds.
Treaty that ended WWI.
Period of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union after WWII.
The establishment of overseas empires by colonial powers.
An Asian soldier who served in the British army in India.
Military leader in feudal Japan during the Edo period.
The _______ rebelled against foreign residents in China.
The most extreme phase of the French Revolution.
Gunpowder empire located in central and northern India.
The ________ conference was a meeting between the U.S., Britain, and the USSR following WWII.
Policy issued by the U.S. Banned European countries from colonizing the Americas.
Early church reformer and author of the 95 Thesis
South African policy of separating races.
An Islamic ruler.
Policy of Great Britain to make concessions to Hitler in the 1930s.
Economic policy that states the government should not interfere or regulate businesses.
1st satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957.
The _________movement occurred prior to the industrial revolution and resulted in the closing off of land.
A collection of democratic countries following WWII. Attempted to limit the spread of communism.