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US History Challenge #1

First president impeached
The Great Depression took place under this president
The US invaded this country in the aftermath of 9/11 to capture Osama Bin Laden
No taxation without ______!
First months of extreme activity in FDR's administration
Early immigrants to America were these kind of workers
Code name for the secret program to develop the atomic bomb
When the Supreme Court blocked programs, FDR pushed this to win
Industrial workers began organizing these
This movement pushed for the banning of all alcohol
Bleeding _______
The first Republican president
The US focused on the expansion of this military service around 1900
US Steel, The Gospel of Wealth
US imperialists were looking for new resources and new _____
Mexico granted this land area to the US in 1849
______ Destiny
Political ideology which saw a resurgence in the 1980's
_________ railroad
Star Wars, Gorbachev, Iran-Contra
The modern women's rights movement, 1848
Collection of programs pushed by FDR to end the Great Depression
The explosion of this ship in Havana triggered the US war with Spain
Johnson's program to end poverty and inequality
Primary US grand strategy throughout the Cold War
The Great Compromise was settled between the New Jersey and ______Plans
Harvard, NAACP, full and immediate racial equality
This ethnic group was targeted in the 1882 immigration backlash
This type of war broke out in the Philippines after US occupation
Trade agreement linking Canada, US, and Mexico
He was a strict constructionist until he became president
Acronym for the Cold War idea that any nuclear attack was mutual suicide