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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling Bee Words

The antonym of simple or plain.
Let's keep the baby bunny in a __.
A car has four __.
What cattle do all day in the fields.
The stage or __ is very tall.
Mom listens to the __ in the car.
A car pulled by a train.
The beautiful rose bush has a sharp __.
To get away; to flee
Something that is irritating like a mosquito.
I play __ with my dog.
The __ on my necklace broke.
The kamodo dragon is a large __.
Is the movie a __ or live action?
The __ buried his treasure on a deserted island.
I feel __.
The ghost __ when the light comes on.
Wear your __ if you are cold.
Go slow in the school __.
The antonym of whisper.