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Teacher: Cupit
Warm air mass is caught between two cold masses
Molecules of water vapor in the air become liquid water in the process.
Carries air masses. blows west to east.
Cirrus clouds are at this level
Fluffy rounded piles of cotton
Dry, forms over water
The temperature at which condensation begins
Rapidly heated air expands suddenly and explosively creating the sound of sn explosion
The center of a hurricane and the winds are calm.
Because air masses don't mix well when they meet, they create this
Wet/humid and it forms over water
When banks of a stream overflow, covering the surrounding land.
Flat layers of low level clouds
Warm weather
Cold and humid. brings cold, foggy and rainy weather.
When air masses meet, the cold air moves under the warm air and creates this
Means rain, added to any other types of clouds
A fast moving cold air mass overtakes a warm air mass
A tropical cyclone
The measure of the amount of water vapor in the air
High level clouds, are wispy and feathery
Warm air mass, overtakes a slow-moving cold air mass
Upward winds
Cumulus clouds and cumulonimbus clouds
Things that come out of a tornado like animals and parts of buildings
Cold weather
A violent disturbance in the atmosphere
Clouds near the ground