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Weather Crossword

Teacher: myself
When air is colder 0 degrees celcius, precip. falls as snow
Accompanied by a bright flash and typically thunder
____ and decreasing air pressure are associated with clouds, wind, and precipitation
Overtakes a slow moving cold air mass
A fast moving cold air mass overtakes a warm air mass
Fluffy, rounded piles of cotton. Means "heap" or "mass"
Made of strong winds rotating in a circular motion. Has little warning and can be unpredictable
Middle of a hurricane
Means rain (ex) cumulonimbus
A tropical cyclone that has winds of 119 km/hr or higher
Leading edge of a mass of air that moves into a region
Low level clouds, often close to the ground
Hot, dry air masses form mostly in summer over dry areas of the southwest and northern Mexico
They form large cumulonimbus clouds often called thunderheads
Means cold weather/ areas
Cold/ humid areas
_____ and lightning make up a _____ storm
Wispy, feathery clouds at high levels
Cold and warm air masses meet, but neither can move the other
Molecules of water vapor in the air become liquid water in the process
The temperature at which condensation begins
A violent disturbance in the atmosphere
When water pours into a stream or river and the banks flow over, covering the surrounding lands
A warm air mass is caught between two cooler air masses
Humid/ wet areas
Means hot weather/ areas