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Pill Bugs

How many pairs of legs are pill bugs born with?
Pill bugs curl into a _____ when threatened.
Pill bugs are also called roly-polies, wood lice, potato bugs, or ____________.
Pill bugs have an exoskeleton that they shed or ____ in order to grow larger.
Pill bugs, like shrimp, lobster and crabs are ____________.
Pill bugs live for one and a half to _____ years.
Pill bugs are unique in that they molt ____ of their exoskeleton at a time.
After the first molt, pill bugs have ________ sets of legs.
Pill bugs breathe through _____.
PIll bugs are most active at ______.
Pill bugs are not ______.
What color are sick pill bugs?
Pill bugs need to stay moist to survive.
Pill bug moms carry their eggs in a ______.
Pillbugs are the only ____ crustacean.