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World History Final Challenge

Name: __________________________
Model Parliament
Polo's home town
Seljuk conqueror
Cathedral style
Muhammed founded this
Philip's nickname
His sons divided the HRE
Poverty, humility, chastity
Couer de Leon
Becket's job
Benedict's home
Tours victor
Council Urban called
Cluny organizer
Bede's history subject
Khadija's dad
1st Holy Roman Emperor
Clement moved there
Blended Islam and Hinduism
English reformer
Hastings victor
Conquered Gaul
Louis IX
Worked with the Saxons
Hungarian warriors
Count of Paris
Huss's home
Clergy can't marry
Edward started this war
Taught classics
What the popes claimed
Intolerant queen
Crowned Charlemagne
Poor nuns
Charlemagne's teacher
Early Gallic inhabitants
Philip's foe
Charles VII's position
Hildegard's home
Jury system