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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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From Fish to Mammals

The sea turtle species currently endangered because of its beautiful shell
The cartoon Mr. Wren hates because it is NOT marine biology
The environmental phenomenon most likely to be responsible for marine habitat destruction
A marine snake who's name sounds like something you might use to contain a new puppy
The name of the fish that probably got you to take this class in the first place
Mr. Wren's favorite fish
The only sea turtle without a hard shell
When an organism is white on their stomachs and dark on their backs
The group manatees and dugongs belong to
Plates hanging from the roof of some whales mouths
The group whales and dolphins belong to
A difference between seals and sea lions
The top or back
The marine mammal with the largest brain to body size ratio on the planet
The marine mammal with the densest fur on the planet
The front or stomch
The number of sea turtle species that exist currently
An organisms ability to balance the salt in its system
Another term for sharks, skates and rays
A turtles ventral shell
The group seals and sea lions belong to
The largest mammal to have ever lived
The group polar bears and sea otters belong to
An ancient fish which produces slime as a defense mechanism
An extinct marine mammal related to a manatee
A top predator that lays 200,000 eggs at a time
A turtles dorsal shell
The favorite prey of both polar bears and Southern killer whales
How marine iguanas get rid of excess salt
To color of polar bear skin