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A Custom Crossword for Rachel

Author: Nikhil
As urban as it gets
Glass blowing artist
Bushnell and Elizabeth
Candy bar not sold in US
Shack or speare
Souvlaki cuisine
Christmas tree
A fun type of mob
Joe of grocery stores
Hardest type of cycle
Momma's boy
A great detective
Danke response
From Ritter Sport to Sprungli
Greek goddess of computing?
Abbey type
Mixing up the uses
Pretty good on a broomstick
Frog type
Spice from Hartford, New Haven, etc.
Knope actress
Parks and
Austen or Jacobs
Best bean?
MIT urban planning program
Better bike lane
Say what to the dress?
Common corgi?
High in cocoa content
Give __ it!
Duck Dynasty channel
An evening in Frankfurt
Minnechaug sport
Get the ball, Spot!
Clever response to "Is Too!"
Lorelei location
Tiny Toyota
Cold water or train?
Swedish chairs
Wetlands critter endemic to Simsbury
Office locale
Irish cider
Luke used it
Winter wonder
Theatrical award
Cozy in Copenhagen
Where great theater happens
Stata maker
Project on TV
Between the banks of Frankfurt
Bike parking, let's say